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Exam Helper Training

We offer flexible online courses that you can use to meet the JCQ requirements for training and assessing your Invigilators and Exam Access Arrangement Facilitators. Delegates get access until the end of the academic year to cover all exam series.

The JCQ ‘Instructions for Conducting Examinations’ states that training on the current regulations must be held for invigilators and those facilitating an access arrangement, with an update for existing invigilators. Centres must ensure that all exam support staff are thoroughly trained and their competence and understanding of the current regulations is rigorously tested. Each of our courses include an online assessment of understanding; delegates can download a certificate to prove their understanding after passing the assessment.

Training for Invigilators in Exams is intended for training Invigilators in exams for General Qualifications.

Based on the JCQ ‘Instructions for Conducting Examinations’ (ICE) booklet this course covers:

  • JCQ regulations for invigilation in exams
  • The role of the lead invigilator
  • The role of the invigilator
  • What to do in difficult situations
  • Supervising written, on-screen and practical exams
  • Passing the JCQ inspection
  • Changes to the current regulations for this year are highlighted

Please note that this course does not cover in detail the requirements for facilitating access arrangements (e.g. Readers, Scribes etc.) or the invigilation of candidates with access arrangements. Please see the information below for our Training for Readers, Scribes, EAA Invigilators & other Facilitators in Exams course if you need this as well.

Training for Readers, Scribes, EAA Invigilators and other Facilitators in Exams is intended for training all those administering or invigilating access arrangements for candidates in exams for General Qualifications.

This course covers the regulations and procedures for the administration and invigilation of access arrangements as outlined in the JCQ booklets: ‘Instructions for Conducting Examinations’ (ICE) and ‘Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments’.

  • JCQ Rationale for Access Arrangements
  • How the supporting adult’s role in the classroom differs from their role in exams
  • Readers, Scribes, Extra Time, Rest Breaks, use of a Word Processor, Bilingual Dictionary, Prompter, Sign Language Interpreter, Practical Assistant, Oral Language Modifier (further accredited training is required to act as a LM, please see our LM training)
  • Video showing a reader/scribe working with a candidate
  • Optional role play activity
  • The changes for the current regulations are highlighted in order to help existing staff to update their knowledge

Please note that this training course does not cover in detail the requirements for invigilating examinations. If you require this, please see above for our Training for Invigilators in Exams course.

Combined Course Offer gives delegates access to both courses at a reduced price.

The Update Courses for Experienced Invigilators/Exam Helpers are intended for experienced invigilators or exam helpers who have received previous training and are confident they remember that training. These are short training courses that briefly refresh knowledge but focus on any changes/updates to the JCQ requirements from the previous year. As with the full courses above, each login includes one assessment for delegates to demonstrate their knowledge.

If you have used our Exam Support courses previously, please note there are a few changes to the way they work from 2023/24:

  • There is no base course fee - you need to purchase a login for every delegate, and the course is charged per delegate
  • Every delegate with a start date after 1st September will get access to both courses until the end of the academic year (31st July), so the training can be revisited as necessary
  • The online assessments need to be passed with 100%, but you will get to attempt them as many times as needed before you pass

Why have these changes been made?

  • We have removed the base course fee and reduced the delegate rate to make the course more affordable for centres whether they have many or few staff to train.
  • We require each delegate to have a login because of the JCQ requirement to rigorously test the understanding of Invigilators and EAA Facilitators. We can only do this if delegates take their own assessment, and this requires an individual login.
  • We have given all delegates access to the end of the academic year because it relieves the pressure on centres trying to get everyone to access the course in a 10 day window, and it saves centres purchasing the course twice if delegates want to redo the course for the next exam series.
  • The assessment needs to be passed with 100% so that we can be sure that the delegates we provide certificates for have retained the necessary knowledge to be able to invigilate examinations correctly and uphold the integrity of the examinations process.

For centres that want to watch the training as a group:

We appreciate that many centres will still want to watch the training videos as a group. In this case, you would still book a login for every delegate (because they need this to access the individual assessment), but then when you gather as a group, use a projector to watch the training videos together from one delegate’s login. Then every delegate can complete the online assessments via their own login after watching the training. Because every login has both the training videos and the assessments, those who miss the group session, or those who want to revisit them through the year can still access the training videos on their own login.