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Update Course for Experienced Invigilators: Training for Invigilators in Exams for General Qualifications (TIEUP)

20 mins plus assessment - £12 per delegate

This update course is for experienced invigilators who already have a good knowledge of the regulations and procedures relating to invigilation, offering an opportunity to refresh knowledge, be updated on any changes to the JCQ requirements for this year and demonstrate their knowledge through an online assessment.

This update course is a brief refresher of the ‘Instructions for Conducting Exams (ICE)’ document, especially highlighting any changes to the JCQ requirements from the previous year.

NB. This course is intended for those acting as invigilators, and will not cover in detail the requirements for administering access arrangements. Please see our Training for Readers, Scribes, EAA Invigilators and other Facilitators in Exams course and update course if this is what you need.

The course tutor is Caroline Read.

Caroline Read

Caroline Read

Caroline is a Specialist Teacher who has practical experience in all areas of the Access Arrangements process and trains for LAs, Universities and SEN Services. Caroline contributed to the PATOSS/JCQ publication ‘Dyslexia: Assessing the need for Access Arrangements’, has been published in academic journals and has worked with various publishers to develop tests. She was part of the working party which set up ‘Access Arrangements Online’ and has been involved with other DfE and Ofqual training and policy projects.

When you book this course and select a start date, you can enter names and emails of delegates who you wish to complete this course. Each delegate place costs £12.

Once you book, delegates will be emailed a username and password to our online learning platform. Each delegate will have access to the training video from the selected start date until the end of the academic year (31st July). The assessment can only be completed once, but the video will stay accessible even once the assessment is passed.

We now require delegates to pass the assessment with 100% in order to demonstrate their competence. Delegates can attempt the assessment as many times as they like until they pass. If delegates are struggling to pass the assessment, we recommend that they access the full Training for Invigilators course and then retake the assessment.

You will need to book a login for every delegate that you wish to train. You will need their name, email address and role in order to do this.

You will need to select a start date when you book.

Once you have booked your delegates, they will each receive an email with a username and password for them to log in with (this will only work from the start date selected).

Every login includes the short update training video and the assessment.

The course includes an online multiple choice assessment. The 2023/24 assessment has several sections, which each require a 100% pass mark, but delegates can attempt the assessment as many times as they like until they pass. If delegates are struggling to pass the assessment, we recommend that they access the full Training for Invigilators course and then retake the assessment.

Once you have completed all sections, a certificate will be available for you to download and save.

Your examinations coordinators may want a copy for their files.


  • TIE Update Course £12.00

Please click on ‘Book pre-recorded online course’ and then enter your desired start date to see the pricing details for this course. Please note that you will need delegates’ names, e-mails and role titles to book their login.

This course is designed for experienced invigilators who have had training in previous years and are confident they have remembered their previous training.

Once they have watched the update training, delegates complete a multiple choice assessment. If they are struggling to pass the assessment, we recommend they complete the full ‘Training for Invigilators’ course.

The ICE booklet now states: ‘Centres must ensure that the testing of invigilators’ competence and their understanding of these regulations is rigorous. This must also extend to those facilitating an access arrangement.’ It is therefore imperative that you have proof of successful completion of the assessment for all your support staff to show the JCQ Inspector if they ask for it.

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