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Ongoing Covid-19 Response and Support

We recognise the huge amount of additional pressure on schools and colleges that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused over the last couple of years, and we want to assure you of our continued support.

Latest news from Ofqual

At this time of change and uncertainty colleagues may wish to stay up to date with the latest news from Ofqual. You can find that by visiting Ofqual news

NEW Email Helpline for Access Arrangements

As part of our ongoing desire to support professionals working in the area of special needs, we have set up a new email helpline for those wishing to consult a specialist with specific questions about Access Arrangements

5 Tips for Training Exam Invigilators and Access Arrangements Support Staff

Well-prepared exam invigilators and helpers are a critical part of helping summer exams run smoothly for staff and pupils. Whether you do your training yourself, or want to take advantage of one of our hassle-free courses for unlimited numbers, we’ve pooled our experience and put together 5 top tips for training invigilators and access arrangement facilitators. Follow our tips and avoid last-minute stress!

Access Arrangements Discussion Forum

Communicate-ed’s discussion forum is free for Communicate-ed members and allows participants to ask and respond to questions about all aspects of the Access Arrangements process.

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