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£15 a year

Benefits include:

  • Members Discussion Forum: Ask questions and draw on the wealth of experience represented by over 2,000 members
  • Downloadable JCQ Forms for electronic signature
  • Videos showing how to apply through AAO and use the JCQ interactive documents
  • A wealth of guidelines and advice, including example templates updated each year
  • Discounts from publishers and suppliers of
    • tests and assessments
    • software

  • Special offers on Communicate-ed online courses
  • Exclusive access to FREE WEBINAR – Q & A about Access Arrangements
  • Discounts on regular live webinars – e.g. focussing on tests and assessments useful for access arrangements assessments
  • FREE £10 discount voucher towards purchases from our range of Resources to Support Access Arrangements
  • One FREE online assessment of your JCQ knowledge, with a certificate (usual fee £15, for more information please click here)
  • Updates about Access Arrangements as they become available during the academic year

Any questions, email membership at communicate-ed dot org dot uk

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