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Introduction to the JCQ Changes 2023/24

July 10th 2023

Booking is now open for our popular, free ‘Introduction to the JCQ Changes’ webinar, jointly presented with PATOSS.

We will be running the live webinar on Wednesday 30th August, 7-8.30pm. For those who cannot make the live session, we are also offering the opportunity to book access to the recording any time between 1st September and 31st October.

This webinar will introduce the changes to the JCQ documentation for Access Arrangements: Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA), Instructions for Conducting Exams (ICE) and General Regulations (GR) 2023/24. It is not a comprehensive update, and is therefore ideally accessed before attending a more in-depth session such as our Communicate-ed venue or virtual Conferences 23, or our on-demand video course.

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We know that most of our colleagues appreciate looking at the changes in the context of the regulations as a whole and the changes over the last few years. This year we have three options: venue-based training in Manchester, Birmingham and London (18th-20th September); a live, virtual conference on 22nd September (which includes four weeks access to eight different seminars as well as comprehensive Access Arrangements Update/Refresher Training); and an on-demand video option to fit around your schedule.

An ideal combination is to access the ‘Introduction to the JCQ changes 2023/24’ webinar at the end of August and follow it up with the Update/Refresher training in September. Booking is now open for all options.

Details and Booking for all autumn Update/Refresher courses