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Courses about Supporting Students with SEND

We have gathered together a group of trainers, all experts in their field, to produce a range of online courses about supporting students with various special needs.

The courses are aimed at class/subject teachers and teaching assistants in the mainstream classroom but are also relevant for special school support staff. Each course lasts between 90-120 minutes.

Courses can be viewed in either of the following ways:

  • Each member of staff has an individual login and accesses the training on their own device. This has the advantage of flexibility, as the course can be accessed at a time/place to suit the individual (in school/college or at home). OR
  • A group of staff accessing the course together at the same time. For this we recommend that you use a digital projector and large screen with speakers to amplify the presentation. This has advantage of group interaction and monitoring of involvement.

Each login will give access to the chosen course for 10 consecutive days and the course (or parts of the course) can be accessed as many times as required within this 10-day period.

Each of these courses cost £50 for five logins - additional individual logins are £5 each.

There is an optional multiple choice assessment to participate in after accessing the training. There are 15 questions randomly chosen from a bank of 30 and you will have 15 minutes to complete the assessment. There is no pass mark, this is simply an activity to help consolidate the information you have learned on the course. If you choose an incorrect answer you will be able to see the correct answer when you have completed the assessment.

We suggest that schools/colleges consider starting with our introductory course ‘Understanding the impact of Neurodiversity on Learning’, and then select the course/s which are relevant for their setting. For more information on each course, please click on the relevant link below.