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Do you have questions about the different ‘areas’ of evidence for 25% extra time?

September 29th 2021

With the changes to this year’s JCQ regulations now requiring assessors to present below and low average scores in two different ‘areas’ of processing, many people have questions about the implications of this.

We are held a webinar in October where Lia Castiglione and Caroline Read talked through the 2021/22 JCQ requirements for a candidate with learning difficulties to qualify for 25% extra time. Lia and Caroline covered practically every test and subtest available to assess for extra time and where each test/subtest fits in terms of the JCQ ‘areas’.

This webinar was recorded and is available to book for just £20 (£15 for annual members).

There is a Q&A at the end of the presentation, and all delegates will receive the following resources:

  • A copy of the presentation slides
  • A document detailing tests measuring different areas of speed of working, including which area of processing they cover for recording in Form 8 Part 2
  • A copy of our ‘Test Information’ document (usually £12) detailing over 40 of the tests recommended for use in GCSE Access Arrangements, updated to show which ‘area’ each test/subtest fits into when applying for extra time.

To book this webinar recording, please click here.