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Ongoing Covid-19 Response and Support

​For last year and this year, we have transitioned our face to face courses into live, online courses. Our virtual Communicate-ed Conference on 21st September is replacing our usual Update/Refresher ‘tour’. We hope to be able to run our face to face training in 2022 and have our venues booked.

Our accredited PAPAA and APAAC courses that we run with Include-ed are also being offered via live, interactive webinars until face to face training is practical again.

In addition to running our face to face courses online, we have expanded the number of online courses we are offering, and those courses designed to be done as a group are now possible to book with multiple logins so that staff can access the course individually.

We will continue to offer our ‘Remote Assessment for Access Arrangements’ course that we developed during 2020, and are committed to supporting colleagues to do their jobs effectively in changing circumstances.

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