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Validated Assessment of JCQ Regulations and Procedures (VA)

40 minutes - £15 per individual assessment

​This validated assessment is for anyone who wants to demonstrate their knowledge of the current JCQ regulations and procedures relating to Access Arrangements.

All questions relate to the current JCQ Regulations and Procedures (2023/24 regulations).

You may refer to the JCQ booklet ‘Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments’ and course notes from any training you have undertaken during the assessment.

​This is an assessment, so there is no course tutor.

You will have 40 minutes to complete 40 questions randomly chosen from a bank of 111.

This timing is generous, but if you have to look everything up, you will run out of time.

The pass mark is 75%. If you achieve this mark you will receive a certificate confirming your knowledge of the regulations.

You will have 10 days from your chosen start date to complete the assessment. Please note the assessment can only be completed once.

Once you have booked the assessment, you should receive an email with login details within the next half hour. This allows you to log into our learning platform and complete the assessment. The assessment can only be completed once, and must be completed within 10 days of the chosen start date.

Please print your certificate before closing the page.


  • Validated Assessment of JCQ Regulations and Procedures £15.00

Free access to one assessment is included in Communicate-ed’s Annual Membership scheme (£15/year, first year free). If you are not already a member, please click here to sign up. If you were previously a member but your membership has lapsed, please click here. To get the assessment for free, please book below and use the discount code on the members page at the checkout.

Please note: If you are booking as a member to get this assessment for free, you will need to use the discount code available on the members page at the checkout.

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