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TIE Individual Assessment (TIEASS)

20 minutes - £10 per individual assessment

​This assessment is for anyone who has watched our online course ‘Training for Invigilators in Exams for General Qualifications’ and wants to complete an individual assessment to demonstrate their knowledge

​This is a multiple choice assessment covering the material presented in our online course ‘Training for Invigilators in Exams for General Qualifications’, based on the JCQ ‘Instructions for Conducting Examinations’ (ICE) booklet.

​There is no course tutor as this is an assessment, not a course.

The assessment has 20 questions randomly selected from a bank of 77 and you will have 20 minutes to complete the assessment.

This timing is generous, so you will have time to look up some of the answers in your course materials. However, if you have to look everything up, you will run out of time.

The pass mark for a certificate is 80%. The certificate can be downloaded after completing the assessment, and must be downloaded before you log out.

​You will access the assessmnet via our online learning platform.

You will be sent login details straight away, and will have 10 consecutive days from your selected start date to access the assessment.

The assessment can only be completed once in that time.


  • TIE Assessment £10.00

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