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The use and interpretation of the TOMAL 2 in diagnostic assessments and assessing for exam access arrangements - a joint webinar with Patoss (TOMALWEB)

2.5 hours - £75 for members/£87 for non-members

This webinar recording will be useful for specialist assessors or access arrangement assessors interested in using the TOMAL 2 in diagnostic assessments and assessing for exam access arrangements.

The TOMAL 2 is designed to test working memory and is used extensively for both diagnostic purposes and to assess for access arrangements for public exams. This session provides a unique opportunity to hear Dr Cecil Reynolds, one of the authors of the TOMAL 2, outlining the uses and interpretation of the test composites and subtests. The recording includes Dr Reynolds answering questions following the webinar.

Dr Cecil Reynolds, author of the TOMAL 2, explains how the test can be used to measure working memory, focussing on the areas which the ACI, as well as other composites and sub-tests, are designed to measure. Dr Reynolds discusses how an accurate interpretation of the test results may be used to identify and support slow processing with regards to an examination access arrangement and how the test contributes to forming a diagnostic profile in identifying dyslexia.

In the webinar, delegates will consider in detail:

  • the composites and individual subtests of the TOMAL 2, what they are designed to measure, and their relevance to identifying SpLD and needs related to examination performance;
  • the scoring system, including the calculation of accurate data and how this contributes to the overall profile, enabling an accurate interpretation of the results to help assessors arrive at a confident diagnostic conclusion;
  • what is measured by the ACI, how the ACI score relates to a dyslexic learner’s literacy skills, and how this contributes to a diagnostic assessment of dyslexia;
  • how aspects of memory are measured by the various sub-tests of TOMAL 2 and how these relate to speed of working in a timed assessment, providing evidence of slow cognitive processing speeds in support of an application for 25% Extra Time in JCQ exams.

​The webinar presenter is Dr Cecil Reynolds.

Dr Reynolds is an American psychology professor best known for his work in psychological testing and assessment. He is co-author of the TOMAL 2, alongside a number of other widely used assessments. He is author of a number of books and has written widely for psychological and educational journals.

​The webinar is SASC-approved for 2 hours CPD. All delegates that watch the full webinar recording will be able to download a certificate with the relevant SASC code.

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This webinar was hosted jointly by Communicate-ed and Patoss and you can now book to view the recording.

Memory is considered to be a core assessment area for a full SpLD diagnostic assessment and for exam access arrangements, particularly extra time. The TOMAL 2 is one of the most widely used tests in the UK for measuring this key area of performance. However, many questions have arisen with regards to the use and interpretation of the subtests and composites of this test. In this webinar, the test author, Dr Cecil Reynolds, addresses these questions, exploring how the test measures different aspects of working memory, and how these relate both to diagnostic assessments and to assessment for examination access arrangements.

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