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Managing Exam Anxiety - Webinar Recording (MEAWEB)

90 minutes - £20 (£15 for members using discount code)

​This webinar recording is designed for teachers and support staff who will be interacting with pupils experiencing exam anxiety.

We have a similar, slightly shorter course aimed at parents, which you can find here. Attendees of this webinar for teachers will be give an discount code for the parents course which they can pass on to any parents of pupils in their centre.

During the ‘Managing Exam Anxiety’ webinar Lorraine:

  • Explains the roots of Anxiety
  • Helps with distinguishing severe anxiety from healthy nervousness
  • Describes signs and symptoms of Anxiety
  • Offers tips to help create the right environment
  • Considers relevant exam access arrangements
  • Describes calming techniques
  • Gives suggestions for managing anxious thoughts and physical symptoms

We also recorded the Q&A with Lorraine at the end of the presentation.

The course tutor is Lorraine Lee.

Lorraine Lee

Lorraine Lee

Lorraine runs her own training company (lorrainelee.org) offering dynamic and inspirational training for parents, teachers, pupils and early years practitioners. This training is delivered through a range of services: Parent workshops, One to one sessions, Teacher training, INSET day training, PSHE lessons, Year group assemblies, Small pupil groups. Lorraine has 3 children and a background in Child Psychology, Positive Parenting Training and Child Development. She is passionate about giving children and young people the best chances possible.

Communicate-ed annual members receive a £5 discount if they use their discount code at the checkout (Please note: refunds cannot be made if you omit to use the code).

The discount codes for the webinars are on the Members’ page (you will need to log in to access this). We email out the discount codes in our emails to members too.

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  • 10 consecutive day access from selected start date £20.00

This webinar with Q&A is aimed at teachers and support staff who will be interacting with students experiencing exam anxiety. We are offering a very similar course for parents, which can be found here.

​Please note: Lorraine Lee will also be offering this session as one of our seminars at the Communicate-ed Conference 2023.

If you are a member, don’t forget to use the discount code at the checkout to receive your £5 off. We are not able to refund the £5 if you forget to use the code. Discount codes are all on the Communicate-ed Members Page.

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