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Extra Time in Examinations - how to assess the need (EAAET)

2.5 hours (online) - £60

This two and half hour course is for everyone involved in Examination Access Arrangements including Access Arrangements Assessors, Inclusion Managers, SENCos, Examination Officers and Educational Psychologists working at school and FE level. The Joint Council for Qualifications requires centres to apply for candidates to have extra time using the Access Arrangements Online System. Applications must be backed up by appropriate evidence. This course will equip delegates to judge when extra time is appropriate, which tests to use, and how to support students having Extra Time.

The course covers: (time includes video and related activities)

Chapter 1 (80 minutes) - Extra Time: JCQ Regulations and procedures

Chapter 2 (40 minutes) - Suitable tests and assessments for Extra Time

Chapter 3 (30 minutes) - Extra Time alongside other arrangements

Chapter 4 (30 minutes) - Helping candidates to use their Extra Time

  • Extra time for candidates with Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities, Sensory Impairments and other difficulties
  • How to apply for Extra Time
  • How much time should be granted
  • Group and individual assessments
  • How to record the evidence
  • Equipping your learners to benefit from Extra Time

The course tutor is Caroline Read.

Caroline Read

Caroline Read

Caroline is a Specialist Teacher who has practical experience in all areas of the Access Arrangements process and trains for LAs, Universities and SEN Services. Caroline contributed to the PATOSS/JCQ publication ‘Dyslexia: Assessing the need for Access Arrangements’, has been published in academic journals and has worked with various publishers to develop tests. She was part of the working party which set up ‘Access Arrangements Online’ and has been involved with other DfE and Ofqual training and policy projects.

For over two decades we have been running courses across the country, aiming to provide high quality, value for money training for education professionals working in the area of special needs. We know from speaking to many of our delegates, that it is increasingly difficult for busy professionals to take the opportunity to attend courses off-site. In response to this, we also offer a broad range of online training courses, focusing on Examination Access Arrangements, Assessment, and Supporting Students with SEND.

The advantages of online courses are clear:

  • They can be accessed at the delegate’s convenience, in the workplace or home
  • Delegates don’t need to travel, saving time and transport costs
  • Running costs are lower, allowing us to pass savings on to our delegatesWe offer both individual courses and group courses (moved).

We offer both individual courses and group courses.

Our online courses are designed to be administered in one of two ways depending on whether one member of staff or a group are accessing the course. Courses can be viewed at any time, and in any venue where there is a good internet reception.

Group courses can be viewed in either of the following ways:

  1. A group of staff accessing the course together at the same time. For this we recommend that you use a digital projector and large screen with speakers to amplify the presentation. This has advantage of group interaction and monitoring of involvement. OR
  2. Each member of staff has an individual login and accesses the training on their own device. This has the advantage of flexibility, as the course can be accessed at a time/place to suit the individual (in school/college or at home).

Each login will give access to the chosen course for 10 consecutive days (Language Modification is 20 days and exam helper cousres are for the rest of the academic year) and the course (or parts of the course) can be accessed as many times as required within this period.

If a group of delegates are accessing a course together, all delegates must be from your centre; you may not use the course to train staff from other centres.

N.B. Delegates will need a good internet connection to access our online courses.

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  • Course on 2022/23 Regulations £60.00

This course relates to the 2022/23 JCQ regulations.

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