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Dealing with Conflict (including communication with parents) - Webinar with Q&A (DWCWEB)

  • Wednesday 6th July 7pm - Webinar

75 minutes - £20 (£15 for members if they use discount code at checkout)

This webinar is designed for staff in schools and colleges whose roles often involve a level of conflict with others, which can be very draining for already busy professionals. It will be helpful for anyone who needs to communicate with difficult people, or have difficult conversations with lovely people, and will focus particularly on the area of dealing with parents in relation to discussions about access arrangements.

The roles many professionals have in schools and colleges often involve a level of conflict with others, which can be very draining within already demanding responsibilities. In this webinar Lorraine will be examining strategies to navigate areas of conflict including communicating with difficult people or having difficult conversations with lovely people more successfully, particularly in the area of dealing with parents in relation to discussions about access arrangements.

Lorraine will be avilable to answer questions after the presentation.

The course tutor is Lorraine Lee.

Lorraine Lee

Lorraine Lee

Lorraine runs her own training company (lorrainelee.org) offering dynamic and inspirational training for parents, teachers, pupils and early years practitioners. This training is delivered through a range of services: Parent workshops, One to one sessions, Teacher training, INSET day training, PSHE lessons, Year group assemblies, Small pupil groups. Lorraine has 3 children and a background in Child Psychology, Positive Parenting Training and Child Development. She is passionate about giving children and young people the best chances possible.

​If you can’t make the date of the webinar on Wednesday 6th July, we will be offering the chance to book the webinar recording from Thursday 7th July for the same price. Please check back from 7th July to book the recording for a date that suits you.

​The webinar is not SASC-approved, but all delegates who attend the full webinar will be emailed a certificate of attendance for their CPD files a day or two after the webinar.


  • Webinar fee £20.00

Course dates

  • Webinar - Wednesday 6th July 7pm

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​Please note: Lorraine Lee will also be offering this session as one of our seminars at the Communicate-ed Conference 2022.

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